You Won't Believe The 5 Mind-Blowing Sex Facts From This Sex Survey

You Won't Believe The 5 Mind-Blowing Sex Facts From This Sex Survey

You Won't Believe The 5 Mind-Blowing Sex Facts From This Sex Survey

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The National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior reveals some eyebrow raising facts about sex.

We've received a slew of bite-sized sex facts stemming from the mother of all sex surveys, The National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior accumulated by researchers at The Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University. The scientists asked 5,865 people aged 14-94 all sorts of questions about everything from masturbation to condom use to homosexual experimentation.

The results were mostly predictable, but there were a few surprising curve balls that caused our eyebrows to raise. Here they are outlined below.

1.) Homosexual sex: It's not just drunk college girls having some same sex fun: Roughly 6 percent of male participants identified themselves as gay but 12 percent had received oral sex from a man, 11 percent performed oral sex, and 8 percent had anal sex with a male partner. In the same vain, a good 15-16 percent of women experimented with one another while only 1 percent consider themselves lesbians. While we're on the subject of homosexual experimentation, same gender sex peaks for women in the 20-24 age group and then tapers off, meanwhile same sex activity for men begins to gain steam in the 16-18 year range and stays consistent up until middle-age.

2.) Condom use: According to the NSSHB's study findings, only 1 of 4 acts of vaginal intercourse are condom protected. However, the survey also revealed that more blacks and Hispanics are consistent condom users in comparison with whites. Overall condom usage declines with age—perhaps due to monogamy and marriage - but mercifully, the study revealed that those in  a casual sexual relationship are twice as likely to use condoms then those in relationships.

3.) Alcohol and sex: Say what you will about these crazy kids today, but researchers found that men and women aged 50-59 were most likely age group to report drinking alcohol or smoking marijuana before their last sexual encounter. Could this be the second wave of craziness once the nest is empty? 

4.) Orgasms: This one was no shocker but is always disheartening to see, 85 percent of all men polled said they had an orgasm during their last sexual encounter. In contrast, only 64 percent of women could say the same. Also not surprising, women are more likely to climax if there's a mixture of oral and vaginal sex. Men, on the flip side, only need vaginal sex in order to reach the big O. And, proving the stereotype, 85 percent of all men polled believed their partner had in fact climaxed.

5.) Masturbation: Across the age groups, men top women in reporting having masturbated alone within the past year. The 25-29 age range seems to be the most active solo masturbation period for both men and women, with 84 and 72 percent reporting having done so. The lowest points for both came in the 70+ age range (46 percent of men and 33 percent of women, respectively).

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