7 Dating Rules That Can Help You Succeed At Work


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From one jungle to another—how to apply dating strategies to the workplace.

When I lost my job, the last thing I needed was a blank social calendar and empty bed. There's only so much disappointment one girl can take. This modern-day Dorothy wanted to click her heels and have the perfect profession and pillow pal land right into her lap. Was that too much to ask? Maybe not. Nicole Williams says you can snag both with the same advice. Excelle: Five Things Single Women Hate To Hear

In her newest book, Girl on Top, Williams suggests the tactics used to land a man can also be applied effectively in the office. Can classic dating rules help you climb the career ladder? After all, the game's the same, right?


1. Follow Your Heart

Dating Tactic: So you have your standards. Good for you! You deserve the best and you're certainly not desperate. Someone's bound to tick all the boxes, right? But do demigods exist? Crossing off some of Mr. Right's criteria isn't asking for less. It's opening up your options. Excelle: The Professional Women's Guide to Dating

Cubicle Tactic: In a perfect world, our job would fulfill our passions and carve a path for a life-long career. But remember, no job will match all your needs—unless you're the CEO. If you're turning down offers while putting your finances on the line, think twice. And remember, it may not be the perfect job—but it could be the perfect job for now. Each job leads to the next one.

2. Treat Him Mean, Keep Him Keen

Dating Tactic: Nothing kills attraction faster for men than a pushover. That constant attention men crave at the beginning mutates into clinginess down the road. Mean girls, on the other hand, put themselves first, are always up for a challenge and never bore. Why? Because they're confident in their skin. They ooze power and mystery. Guppies don't survive in the dating game. Sometimes it pays to be a shark. Excelle: 10 Things You Should Never Say To Your Boyfriend

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