6 Reasons Men Love Ex Sex


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Why men (and women, for that matter) love ex sex, and why you should avoid it.

While the crazy stat that says men think about sex every 7 seconds has been debunked, the feeling behind the statistic remains true: some men can't get sex out of their minds. Another thing that's hard to get out of your mind? Your ex. Coupled together, sex and the ex are a hard to resist. But according to most experts, ex sex is not a good idea. Here are 6 reasons men (and women!) love ex sex, and why you should stay away from it.

1. You're familiar. No need to impress you, no need to figure out what you like, no need to wonder if you'll freak out when he tells you his weird fantasy. The same is true for you—being with a familiar warm body is appealing—but it won't help you get over him and it won't help you make a new dating life for yourself.


2. You're available. Unless he's a master pick-up artist, it's not that easy to find someone to have sex with—if he's looking for a quick lay and you're available, he might take it. Protect yourself—don't go out for drinks with him, don't let him stop by to drop off that sweater you left at his house, don't answer is 2 am call. 

3. He wants closure. "Just one last time, then I'll be over you"—ever heard that excuse? It won't work. Sex will only bring you closer—it's rare that sex will make you realize that you weren't meant for each other, or will give you the feeling that "it's over." Because it's not actually over if you're having sex. Really—you're having sex. It's not over. In Defense Of Ex Sex

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