Does The Venus Butterfly Guarantee An Orgasm?


venus butterfly orgasm
The Venus Butterfly: surefire orgasm or urban legend? Sexologist Susan Quilliam investigates.

The Venus Butterfly. It made its debut on TV legal drama LA Law, when— during the 1986 Thanksgiving episode—script writers Steven Bochco and Terry Louise Fisher referred to a mysterious sex technique that guarantees a woman endless, repeated climaxes. The day after Thanksgiving the media was buzzing with talk of the trick, and every loving couple across the nation was wondering how to do it. But hey, it's just an urban myth, right?

Maybe... maybe not. Ever since that fateful day, sexologists, therapists and writers have made attempted to define this holy grail of sex acts. So does it exist? And if so, does it work? Orgasm For An Hour (Yes, We're Serious)


The first step to finding out: look at the literature. Many sex manuals and websites offer suggestions, though none with researched evidence. There's a deal of variation, but the common thread seems to be that he needs to touch both her clitoris and her vagina together—then add in anal stimulation. As a sexologist, that makes perfect sense to me. Most women don't get off on vaginal penetration alone; we need clitoral stimulation from our beloved. Can You Orgasm From Intercourse Alone?

And insertion is also not only physically powerful—it's emotionally satisfying as well, particularly if it reaches our wonderful G-spot. Combining clitoral and G-spot stimulation is going to deliver a delicious combination of two kinds of climax, while an additional point of stimulation will at worst enhance and at best supply yet another variety of orgasm. And your partner touching three intimate pleasure points is bound to increase closeness—both corporeal and spiritual. 

But this is theory. Do the suggestions work in practice? My second step was talking to real couples who have tried the technique.

"It's my failsafe way to come," says Katie, 29, partnered for four years to Tom. "Being touched in three places at once sends my system into overdrive. I can't keep track of what is happening so I have no choice but to lose control. "

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