How To Make Your Master Bedroom A Sacred Space


master bedroom design
How to design your master bedroom so it supports the sacred intimacy of your relationship.

A master bedrooms differ from other rooms. It is the intimate heart of a household, the retreat that replenishes body and soul, the temple that honors love. Because bedrooms have such an important role in our lives, and because we spend one-third of our lives in bed, your master bedroom should be inviting, calming and wonderful.

The way we design our environments reflects and profoundly affects our outer and inner experiences; the décor of a bedroom should complement and support a relationship. It needs to reflect the personalities of both of the individuals, as well as the combined energy of the couple.


Creating your bedroom together can be an enriching experience that allows you to know yourself and your partner better. An effort to honor each other's tastes and needs is a testimony to your commitment to each other. Designing your bedroom with consciousness will deepen your lives and nurture your bodies, minds and spirits. So how do you go about creating such a sacred space?

Consider what you'd like your space to express.
Should it be luxurious, playful, sensual, simple, elegant, traditional, contemporary, cozy and womb-like, or open and Zen-like? What are your favorite colors? What textures do you like?

Ask each other basic questions.
Do you have specific requirements about the type of mattress, the size of the bed, the reading lamps, the number of blankets, the type of comforter, the texture of the sheets? Is green design a priority? Do either of you have allergies to feathers or dust mites? Do you have back problems that you need to accommodate? What intensity of light do you need? Do you need drawers in your nightstands? What are your clothing storage needs?

Remember this is a time to create togetherness, so honor each other, compromise and avoid power plays!

Incorporate traditions that are meaningful to you and work with the energy of the room.
A lovely way to start is with the Native American "giving basket" practice. Gather all those things that are part of old relationships and that you no longer use and give them away!

Use the principles of Feng Shui. Pay attention to the energy of the space and allow the room to dictate where you place the furniture. Designing a room is like composing a song. Just as music requires silence between the notes, a space requires resting places for the eyes. Balance objects and give equal attention to negative space. Can You Feng Shui Your Way To Love?

Vastu Shastra is the Indian version of Feng Shui. According to Vastu, the ideal placement for the bedroom is the southwest corner of the house, and the headboard should go on the south wall. Earth energy is strongest here, which helps ground a relationship. If your bedroom does not allow for this, make sure you honor the earth energy in the color choices for the room, or by using plants and other references to nature.

Taoism teaches an awareness of the flow of energy, and when designing spaces this means creating free-flowing traffic patterns. Make sure that entryways are clear and furniture is easy to access. Also make sure that your closets are ordered, that you can reach things and that you're not keeping things you no longer wear! Don't store items in bedroom closets that have nothing to do with bedrooms or clothing.