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The Illusive Demands Of The Committed, Intimate Relationship

In looking over the YourTango website on love and relationships, the words commitment and intimacy are prominently featured over and over again, and many a love-seeker is caught up in this quest. This pattern is similar in my psychotherapy practice in which numerous clients come in asking for my help in finding ...

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How To (Finally) Get Over Your Breakup And Move On

It's one of the most difficult situations we face in our life: letting go of an intimate relationship that has ended (for whatever reason). After all, we have invested a lot of energy into this person and we thought it was going to be a love that would last forever. We believe that the reason our partner ...

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A Major Relationship Clue: Where Are Their Feet?

Asking you where your feet are and those of your partner may sound strange. This is because we tend to think that feet are just feet, and don’t think about them much beyond whether they are pretty, strong, or not. Well in truth, they have a lot more to say than that. In fact, they can help you ...

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10 Agendas Of Divorcing Couples [EXPERTS]

When a couple goes through a divorce process, many times there is the assumption by various divorce professionals involved with them that they are seeking a divorce. While on some level that may be true, it is frequently far from being their main goal. Quite often the true agenda is hidden, disguised, or not ...

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Do You Know That Your Partner Is A Reflection Of You

Many couples talk about their partners as less than them in some core way. That is the primary reason the divorce rate is so high, since only unequals split apart. In support of this unequal perspective, many people present a picture of their relationships as being essentially an accident, like their coming ...

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Articles by Doctor Bruce Derman
Summer In Paradise

The Illusive Demands Of The Committed, Intimate Relationship

Do you know what it takes to create a committed, intimate relationship?

how to move on from a breakup

How To (Finally) Get Over Your Breakup And Move On

The first step to move on is accepting your part in the relationship's demise.


Do You Know That Your Partner Is A Reflection Of You

Primary reason divorce rate is so high.

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