Anal Sex Month: 8 Tips For Great Anal Sex

Anal Sex Month: 8 Tips For Great Anal Sex

Anal Sex Month: 8 Tips For Great Anal Sex

Anal Sex Month: 8 Tips For Great Anal Sex [EXPERT]
Here are ways make anal sex pleasurable for both you and your partner.

August is anal sex month, so I've put together some tips for how to try it without any pain and, possibly, find it orgasmic. What's Keeping You From A Great Sex Life?

1. If you can't see it happening, it will never happen. This is probably the most important tip of all. Anal sex is not for everyone and so you have to want it and you have to be able to envision it happening successfully. Your mind is a powerful instrument and it's an important element to this type of sex.

2. You must know your own body. You should feel clean and relaxed. If you have favorite positions for vaginal penetration, try those first for anal penetration as this will help you feel more relaxed. Take a shower first so you are 100% confident.


3. Make sure you lubricate! We feel that the best results happen when you use silicone lube. We love the very good silicone lubricant Eros bodyglide by Pjur. Silicone lubes stay silky and slippery and do not get sticky like water based lubes can. They won't dry up like water based lubes, either. Your anus does not lubricate like your vagina when you are excited, which is why water based lubes do not cut it for backdoor action.

4. Use a condom for all anal sex. Even put a condom on any toys if you are using them anally on you or your male partner, it's much easier to sanitize later. Toys can take on a bad odor if you don't, so help your toys stay nicer longer.

5. Women in porn often stimulate their clitoris during anal play. Orgasms or clitoral stimulation can bring blood flow to your pelvic region. When you put a bullet or other toy on your clitoris, it stimulates the "clitoral legs" system and helps the sphincters to relax. If anything hurts stop because anal penetration should not hurt.

6. Use your fingers or a small anal toy, like the Bendi Butt Plug, to warm up for anal sex. Never use a sex toy anally unless it has a stopper on the end so it does not get lost in your anal cavity. Excitement can pull toys into the rectum, hence all the 3am ER stories. 4 Tips To Improve Your Sex Life

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