4 Incredible Foreplay Ideas


4 Incredible Foreplay Ideas
Use These 4 Incredible Foreplay Ideas To Spice Up Your Relationship & Sex Life.

Great lovemaking starts with great foreplay. So here are a number of really awesome foreplay ideas that you should try to incorporate into your love life. While you will have obviously heard of some before, you'll find that others are new and very inspiring.

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Quick Tip: You don't need to use long drawn out foreplay on your man every single time you have sex...but if you do have a good deal of free time together, then it's going to make sex way hotter and fun for both of you if you do draw it out. Now onto the specific foreplay ideas to use on your man...

1. Teasing - Teasing your man is a really fun but powerful foreplay idea. I'm not talking about teasing your man in a way that makes fun of him. I'm talking about teasing him on what he is about to experience. In other words I'm talking about the type of teasing where you are controlling the pace of what's happening with your man. This will have him waiting and eagerly anticipating what's about to come next.

So what are some good ways to tease your man?

Well you can start as early as possible. So if you are not planning on getting together until the evening, then try starting early in the morning with a text or a phone call. It doesn't need to be super dirty or naughty, something as simple as, 'Can't wait to see you later. x' works great. Although if you like you can be a bit naughtier and send him something like this, 'I can't wait until work finishes, so I can rock your world.' Sending something like the last messages is really going to turn him on.

Another great way to tease your man is when you are actually together but can't get intimate, like when you are in a restaurant or you are both in a bar together. Start to tell him what you plan to do to him later. You could say something like this,

'I can't wait till we're alone. I'm going to rip your clothes off and have my way with you!'

Saying something like this to your man is going to have him trembling with anticipation. Don't be surprised to see him readjusting himself after you say something like this! Pro Tip: Being really descriptive makes this even hotter!

A final way to tease him is to explain in detail exactly how you are going to do something like giving him a blowjob later. If you are stuck for ideas, then check out this incredibly detailed blow job video on giving your man a blowjob.

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