Top 10 Signs You've Met Prince Charming


Top 10 Signs You've Met Prince Charming
Knowing the signs of Mr. Right is just as important as knowing what to avoid in love.

There are plenty of women who know what it is like to be in the wrong relationship, a bad marriage or dating someone who cannot commit. You may have loads of experience with Mr. Wrong, but do you know the signs you've met Mr. Right? As a former matchmaker, I know first hand the importance of knowing the qualities and character of a good man. With this knowledge in the forefront of your mind, you will be able to attract the right relationship leading to a loving, fulfilling and lasting marriage.

Here are the top signs that you have met your Prince Charming:


You've worked through your old relationship pattern. It is common to develop a relationship pattern that does not lead to the fulfillment of your goals in love. Once you have taken the time necessary to figure out the source of why you attract particular men, you will be on the way to changing the type of person you are normally attracted to in relationships. Forming an emotionally healthy view of commitment leads to men you may have disregarded in the past, but now you see through new eyes their potential as viable choices. 

He communicates his feelings clearly. He does not make you guess why he's having a bad day and does not allow you to wonder if it was something you did or did not do. He does not take out his frustration at someone else out on you. Likewise, you do not take everything he says or does not say so personally that you end up in a funk if he does not always respond perfectly in every situation. You are able to approach hot topic subjects such as money, sex, and family issues without fear of retaliation.

He is trustworthy. He does not place himself in situations which could lead you to question his faithfulness. He is honorable, responsible, timely and keeps his word. If he says he will pick you up at 7 p.m. for your date, he is there.

He is a man of faith. He knows that life has challenges that require faith to give one the courage and strength to persevere. He does not place his identity on what he does for a living, but places his confidence in the man he is through faith. He has high integrity and leads by example, striving to be a positive role model at work, with you and in all his relationships.

He is a good friend. He knows the importance of spending quality time together to nurture relationships. You share not only love, but a sincere desire to be with each other. He is dependable and reliable as your friend. He has good common sense about who to let in his inner circle and who to consider as an acquaintance. He is friendly and is free with a helping hand, an encouraging word and his smile.

He can keep a confidence. He does not run out and tell the world your innermost secrets, desires and fears. He knows when to listen to you when you want to just vent about a particular challenge. The right man can give you his advice without it sounding like he's trying to make the decision for you.

He knows his priorities in life. Your Prince Charming knows there is more to life than work, but is not a slacker. He values his employment but knows where to draw the line when it is couple time. You never have to guess your top placement in his life and his commitment to your relationship.

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