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Make A Man Fall In Love With You


When he feels comfortable being weak in front of you but stronger because of your love, you got him.

What makes a man fall in love?

To make a man fall in love with you, you have to unconditionally love him but still demand conditions within your relationship.  When a man feels like he can “let go” and relax in your presence, while also feeling like you require the best from him (putting him back out into the world a better man), he becomes addicted to you and the relationship.

Make Him Feel Like A Proud Employee

Men love to provide.  He loves when he can make you happy.  He doesn't have to love you to want to make you happy-- it's that he can make you happy that allows the love to cultivate. A woman’s smile is a reflection back to a man that he has worth.  This is never to be underestimated.

It’s also important that a man know when he is stacking off and getting lazy in the relationship.  It’s not effective to criticize him, but when you express your honest feelings to him (free of blame), you indirectly send him the message that you are not a pushover. It’s less about him and more about you speaking your truth and not stifling your feelings and needs.  He will respect you for having the strength to speak up.

When you can show him how much you value him for the person he is and for what he does for you, while still being honest when he doesn’t make the effort to honor your relationship, he will work harder and harder to earn and keep your love.

Make Him Feel Safe With You

It’s not enough to just make him feel like a proud employee.  To make a man fall in love with you, he has to also feel a deep sense of emotional security in the relationship.  This is the only way for the relationship to evolve.  Appreciating him and playing into his power to provide will only get you so far-- it will keep the relationship strong, but it won’t tighten the bond.  What does this is an emotional connection, and creating an emotional connection with a man starts with your emotional connection to yourself.

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