How The Right Panties Can Change Your Life

how lingerie can change your sex life

21 Days To An Even Better Sex Life — Challenge #4: Heat up the sheets with tantalizing sleepwear.

It's no secret that couples have bedtime rituals that help strengthen their bonds and their sex lives. Going to bed at the same time, for instance, not only shows commitment to the partnership, but it also helps a couple sync up on a more intimate level. Pillow talk and gentle caresses can pave the way for better communication and respect to develop in a relationship.

But what about your budoir attire? Think of bedtime as a "date" with your partner, and change your whole approach to sleepwear. Throw away the old, ratty sweats (you know the ones) and slip into something sensual that shows your partner just how how much you love cuddling under the covers together.

Celebrate Your Curves

Men and women are typically turned on by different things. A woman feels closer to her partner when he takes an emotionally supportive role. A man, on the other hand, is attracted to a woman who has the ability to transition from the role of caretaker, when the occasion calls for it.

But being sexy isn't just about being a smoldering bedroom vixen ripped from the pages of a Victoria's Secret catalog. It's about sensuality and a healthy desire to connect on a physical level. Not every woman is a size 6 ... or even a size 10. And that's okay. You don't have to be as fit as an athlete or as slender as a runway model to be attractive to your partner. Instead, you need to be comfortable and relaxed in your own skin (while also craving closeness to his). And one of the best tricks for accentuating your figure is to drape it the silkiest, most sensual sleepwear you can get your hands on. 

Choose The Right Number (For You, Not Him!)

Rule number one: You don't need to go out and buy something horribly uncomfortable (itchy lace and bone bindings come to mind) to turn him on. Quite the contrary, in fact. Make sure that whatever sleepwear you choose isn't just silky, but makes you feel "silky" in it.

What do I mean by that?

Well, sensual sleepwear isn't about him and what will turn him on. That's right: it's about you and what means you feel buttery smooth, silky and sexy, inside and out. Looking sexy in your lingerie has as much to do with confidence — how you feel in your unmentionables — as it does with fit and style. If you feel great in a slinky nightie or a sheer bra and panties, he'll feel great looking at you in it. The confidence will translate.

So dress for bedtime in something that relaxes you. Pick natural, breathable materials, like silk and cotton; these will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Pick something soft — tactile pleasure is arousing. Your man will want to feel the slopes and curves of your figure lingering underneath that thin fabric. Not into nighties? Consider a teddy or a pair of boy shorts made from eco-friendly fibers, which tend to be softest. If chemises, teddies, sexy nighties or any type of lingerie is not your thing,  throw on one of his old, oversized work shirts — he'll love seeing you in his clothes. Keep reading ...

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