Get Creative With Your 4th Of July Date


Get Creative With Your 4th Of July Date
The whole fireworks thing is pretty played out, don't you think?

So you have a hot date for July 4th, but you're not sure where to go? The worst thing to do is ask your friends. You will be invited to numerous barbeques and house parties where they will systematically analyze your date head to toe: her dress is too short, her hair is too long, her speech is too slurred and her eyes are too big for a human. Then there are firework displays. You can always go to the pier to watch the fireworks, right? Wrong. If your idea of a July 4th romance does not include rubbing elbows (and a few other body parts) with a bunch of sweaty strangers who keep sipping unidentified liquids out of paper bags, skip the pier trip.

Instead, think of intimate and romantic ways in which you can remember this July 4th as the start of a great relationship. Need ideas? Here are a few:

  1. Order A Gourmet Burger Meal: (Yes, you may substitute veggie and turkey, if you so desire.) After all, what's more American than a burger? Trust me, even a burger meal can be romantic with a few candles and some flowers. Then cuddle up on the sofa to watch The Patriot.
  2. Have A BarbeCue For Two: What's more romantic than preparing a potentially dangerous meal for just you and your date? Where there is fire, there is danger. Danger brings people closer together and voila! Instant chemistry over charcoals. For those of you who live in a city, you may substitute a fire-escape for the great outdoors.
  3. Join A Parade: Yes, I realize it may be a bit tawdry. However, you don't need to officially join a float or devote hours to marching in a band. Just follow it for a little while to laugh at the drummer's hat or elaborate reenactment costumes. Remember, a couple that laughs together stays together (as cheesy at it may sound).
  4. Visit A Museum Of American Art: Yes, this country produced numerous works of art from classic to contemporary to abstract. Pick a theme and venue and enjoy an afternoon together. Museums are not very crowded on July 4th, allowing you more room for privacy (yes, you may try to sneak in a kiss or two when the gallery Usher is looking the other way). Follow the museum with a dinner in a romantic American cuisine restaurant where you can discuss the art and relive the romance.
  5. Picnic On A Roof: Yes a roof — preferably a roof with the view of the fireworks. Get some beach chairs or a blanket, a bottle of wine and some hot dogs — again, remember, we are celebrating the birth of our country, so escargot may not be a good idea. No fireworks? No problem. There is always the summer sky to be admired. And what could be more romantic than gazing at the stars while holding hands?

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