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Your Denver Counseling Larry Cappel, M.A. LMFT - Counselor/Therapist, Business Coach, Career Coach, Consultant, Dating Coach, Divorce Coach, Divorce Recovery Coach, Life Coach, Marriage and Family Therapist, Personal Development Coach, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Coach, Wellness Coach, YourTango Expert Partner - Denver, CO


1616 17th St #379
Denver, CO
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I Believe

“Words have the power to both destroy and heal. When words are both true and kind, they can change our world.” – Buddha

About Me

Can you relate to any of these statements?:

  •     I just found out my partner is having an affair
  •     I want to get a divorce but I’m worried about my children
  •     My partner and I seem to fight all the time
  •     I’m so stressed out and just can’t handle it anymore
  •     I just got dumped by my partner and can’t stop thinking about it
  •     I feel like I’m loosing it. I’m either mad at everybody or unable to do anything

Hi, I’m Larry Cappel, a licensed psychotherapist. At Your Denver Counseling, I offer psychotherapy, counseling and life coaching in Denver, throughout Colorado and on the internet.

I can help you navigate the unpredictable changes that life brings. I’ve helped countless people just like you overcome difficult circumstances to create the life and relationships they want.

Resiliency is the secret to dealing with change. Imagine feeling sure enough to move forward even when faced with sudden and tragic change. As a resilient person with exceptional coping skills you’ll manage the changes that come your way with skill, confidence and a positive outlook.

Through working with me you can:

  • Learn to embrace change as an opportunity to grow and overcome self-defeating beliefs like, “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t do it” and start to get what you want in life
  • Start to love and accept yourself, just as you, so that you feel more confident and positive about yourself
  • Understand and manage feelings like anger and fear and feel happy again
  • Develop the confidence to show people how talented you really are so you’re given credit for the good work you do
  • Recognize healthy vs. dysfunctional relationships and create the loving relationships you want
  • Choose relationships in your personal and professional life that bring you greater happiness and satisfaction

The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

My own life story starts growing up in a small town in South Dakota:

  • a gay child living in a world where there was no language and no role models for people like me and what I felt.
  • feeling alone, misunderstood and unimportant.
  • pretending to be what the adults in my life wanted me to be, “straight-acting,” in order to get their approval and protection
  • leading to self-hatred, drinking, partying, and an eventual marriage that couldn’t last
  • in an effort to try (and continually fail) to fit in and not feel the pain of my exclusion  from the dominant culture of heterosexual men and women
  • I was a classic under-achiever.

I eventually switched from underachieving to overachieving, graduating from business school Beta Gamma Sigma and with high honors. From there I was off to corporate america where I continued to excel. Funny thing was that none of it made me feel successful or happy.

I eventually found a psychotherapist and a spiritual teacher who helped me to heal my wounded heart. That experience lead me to study the healing arts in order to give back what I had learned from my teachers.

I left Corporate America, studied psychology and spirituality, including somatic (body-centered) psychology, great for working with stress and anxiety, and gender and sexuality for LGBT issues. I also studied Buddhist philosophy and the cultural differences between western and eastern societies.

Main SpecialtyAbuse / Survivors of Abuse
LGBT Issues (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender)
CredentialsLMFT, MA, MFT
Time in Practice10 years +
I practice inMy state/province only
Additional ExpertiseBusiness Coach
Career Coach
Dating Coach
Divorce Coach
Divorce Recovery Coach
Life Coach
Marriage and Family Therapist
Personal Development Coach
Relationship Coach
Spiritual Coach
Wellness Coach
YourTango Expert Partner
I offer my servicesAt my office
By Email
Via a webcam
Other, please inquire
I am fluent inEnglish
Licence informationExpiration 8/31/15
Number LMFT715
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