How Being A High-Value Woman Gets You The Relationship You Want


How Being A High-Value Woman Gets You The Relationship You Want
What is a high-value woman and is being one the answer to all your relationship problems?

My book has reunited quite a few women with their exes. Here's one sharing in my private support group (you can be included with the purchase of my book or coaching programs) by Kristie: "I got my man back. He has all of the sudden gotten very serious. Moving back in, wanting to get married and buy a house together etc. I am letting him move back in but holding off on the rest for now. Leaning back works, and moving on works. But now that he's back, and living with me, how do I keep it fresh? And make sure it will work before I commit to the rest? This is our second go round living together. Don't want to make the same mistakes, and I know so much more after reading Kat's material. But I want to keep our relationship fresh and exciting. We both work 12 hour days, and I have 3 kids at home, so it's so easy to quickly get in a rut.

We never really went without contact, a week or two at the most. The longest we went without seeing each other was a month or so I think but we were always in touch with each other just not daily or on regular intervals like before. We got back together about 10 months ago, only after I started dating someone else and refused to see him at all for a while, but we still talked. It was very up and down and we broke it off again at the end of January right when I bought Kat’s book.


I began reading her material, and putting it into practice when possible (and trust me I was doing EVERYTHING wrong!!!). We never really stopped talking or seeing each other at least now and then after the 2nd break up.  And I went on dates with other men, joined a gym, changed jobs and started working more hours and really just focused on myself and my kids. Totally practiced leaning back and mirroring. I told him that I was dating others one night during a conversation and he seemed cool with it. But he has latched onto me since. I have had my reservations about his motives of course. But just thoroughly enjoying the attention from him. We went to a work function of his last night and several of his co-workers told me he told them he was a changed man and was going to marry me. Keep reading...

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