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2 Magic Words That Make Men Commit

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Save your breath because you only need two words to make him commit.

If you've ever had a man tell you he's not ready to commit it is very frustrating. Investing your time and feelings in a guy and then hearing about his cold feet can have you swearing off men altogether. Before you do, use these two words.

First I want to say that you may be tempted to argue with him and explain that the reasons he's not ready aren't valid. Don't do that. Telling him, explaining to him, just makes you his mom. Men are not turned on by their mom.

Whenever you hear an excuse that sounds like utter nonsense say the magic words, I understand. Then say nothing else. After the pregnant pause he will go on to elaborate even more trivial reasons that will infuriate you, and goad you into an argument. Again instead of biting say, I understand.

This will lead him to one simple conclusion, she understands me. I'm not saying you agree with him. I'm saying that everyone has the right to be, feel, think and share their way read Dating Advice For Alpha Women and although you don't agree with him you acknowledge his right to his decision and you understand.

At this point he may offer you a lesser deal for example we can still hangout. At which point say I appreciate that you still want to hang out with me however I don't feel comfortable with that. I like/ love you but not more than myself. Read A Life Of Love.

He will walk away not knowing what to say. This is not a problem because men fall in love when they're away from you. Resist the urge to call him or text him at this time, and let him come to you. If you have the patience to wait until he reaches out to you then if you hear from him he will be ready to be with you because it's his idea, if not he's not your man.

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