10 Reasons To Love Being A Single Woman


10 Reasons To Love Being A Single Woman
Who says you need a guy to be happy and fulfilled?

Human beings always want what they don't have instead of appreciating what they've got. We are always focused on our lack of something instead of our abundance of something. We always want what someone else has instead of enjoying what we have. We are always comparing our stuff to someone else's stuff. We are always thinking, "If I only had him, I would be happy."

Don't get me wrong, it's lovely to have someone in your life. It's lovely to have someone to share special moments, secrets, affection and sexy time. I also know plenty of people in unfulfilling relationships who are still lonely—which speaks to my point again. It's not about being single or in a relationship. It's about enjoying the status you have right now. 


Right now, I am single and I have to admit ... I love it! That's not to say if Mr. Right (in the form of Dwayne Johnson, Daniel Craig or Shamar Moore) rolled up and looked into my eyes, I wouldn't ride happily into the sunset with him (and I do mean ride). It's just that whining in the meantime won't change things. It's my intention to enjoy every bit of my single freedom until I do finally find that perfect guy and take residence in the perfect house (or, as I would prefer, a penthouse condo with a view of the beach).

So you might ask, "What is there to appreciate about being alone—not having a date on every major holiday or even for a Friday night?" Why, plenty!

1. You can enjoy your own company. If you can't stand to be alone by yourself, why would anyone else want to be with you? So many of us can't spend 15 minutes alone with ourselves. We are on our cell phones, online dating services, hanging on to friends, family, co-workers and basically anyone who will put up with us until it's time to go to bed. Then, we can fall asleep and not think about the fact we are doing it alone. Personally, I enjoy being with me! I do what I like, when I like, with or without people. I don't wait for someone to see the latest movie or try that new restaurant or gallery opening. I just go. And in the process, I've got to admit I've met some pretty great people—women and men—by venturing out alone. I've met so many people and received so many invitations, I actually have to create space to be alone. And even if there aren't any invitations this week and no one I know really enjoys salsa dancing, I go alone and still have a blast!

2. You don't have to share your space with someone. I can't tell you how much I enjoy coming home not having to clean up after or check in with someone about what I do and what I want. There is nothing like the freedom of coming home, eating ice cream out of the carton, taking the last piece of chicken and not having to pick up someone else's dirty underwear. I have ultimate privacy to talk to my girl friends without having to leave the room. Having my place to myself rocks!

3. You don't have to deal with his people. Everyone has dated someone who had friends or family you didn't get along with. His mother may have been controlling, his sister was a mooch, his brother was a drama king, his father was a flirt and his friends never left. When you're single, you only deal with people you want in your life. You make it clear who is welcome in your space and who is not. How awesome is that? Keep reading ...

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