10 Tips For Your Healthiest, Sexiest Beach Body Ever


10 Tips For Your Healthiest, Sexiest Beach Body Ever [EXPERT]
Ready to get a lean, sleek and sexy body? Get started with this fool-proof plan.

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Maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle is not only important for your body, but for your soul, as well. Below are ten simple steps that will get you the lean, sleek and energetic body you crave and will keep you nourished and happy.


1. Create an exercise plan. If you're not seeing results from your exercise routine, it's time to kick it up a notch. How about throwing in a few intervals, completing high intensity bursts of movement, trying a new type of cardio routine or changing your running route? The key to exercise results is consistency along with a dose of "muscle confusion." When muscles don't know what to expect, they react. This leads to a sleek, toned look and a faster metabolism. 7 Steps To A Sexy Beach Body

2. Visit your local farmer. Now is the time to search out where your local farmers are so you can enjoy the freshest fruits and vegetables without any of the chemicals, herbicides and pesticides that are found on many supermarket varieties of produce. Don't know where they are? Click www.localharvest.org to find the farmer closest to you.

3. Keep hydrated. When the weather gets nicer, many of us take our fitness routines outside, which means there's even more of a need to keep ourselves hydrated. Fresh, filtered and pure water is your best choice.

4. Buy new sneakers and workout clothes. Sometimes, we need the extra motivation that looking the part can give us. That may mean a new pair of sneakers, a few new pieces of workout clothes, music or anything else that makes you feel ready to hit the gym, so treat yourself!

5. Keep a food journal. Healthy eating begins with the awareness of what you're currently doing so you can see what may need to change. One of the simplest ways to discover some of your eating behaviors is by keeping a simple food journal.

Keep track of the times you eat, your choices, portions and in addition, note your hunger level and what mood, if any, triggered you to eat. Keep it simple by using a number system (1 being not hungry to 10 being famished) and symbols. (like a happy face to indicate a happy mood, and a sad face to indicate a meal that was triggered by anger or frustration).

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