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Basic law of attraction: Do you attract what you want in life?

So you're having trouble meeting somebody. You've read things on how to meet somebody. You've used all different approaches and methods for how to meet somebody. Yet it's still not happening for you. Why not? Meeting someone is not just about memorizing approaches or methodologies. That's only part of the equation. It's about being sexy...on the inside. 

By creating an amazing lifestyle and being passionate about the things you do, you will start attracting the opposite sex instead of spending your life chasing them and hoping you'll connect with them. People are attracted to positive, fun, interesting and well-rounded individuals. If you're miserable or doing things that you don't enjoy, you are not going to meet someone no matter what approach or methodology you use to do it. The reason is that no one wants to meet someone who is miserable or spending their life doing things they don't like.


So before you go out and try to meet somebody, you need to first figure out how to create a passionate lifestyle for yourself. Think for a second about the kind of people you're attracted to. Most people are attracted to people who are positive, energetic and interesting. Now think about what type of person you are right now. Are you that positive, energetic and interesting person I just described? Or are you someone who is miserable and angry because you can't meet someone?

It all starts with creating a positive lifestyle that enables you to feel great and attract amazing people into your life. 

Here are five steps to make you INSTANTLY more attractive to the opposite sex:

1. Ditch The Toxic Work Environment!

One of the first (and most important) things you need to do to create an amazing lifestyle is take a very critical look at your current work environment. Because work is something most of us HAVE to do, we sometimes don't expect that it is also something we can want to do (or at least not hate doing). If your work environment is toxic and making you miserable, then it's time to consider a change. understand that if you stay in this toxic environment, you are going to project miserable and angry vibes (and attract miserable and angry people). No thanks!

2. Do What You Love (So Love Can Find You)

So many people go to places they believe they "should" go or "have to" go in order to meet somebody, and they don't even like those places. (A bar, for example. They aren't for everyone.) So instead of trying to meet your soulmate at a place you hate (doing something you hate), pick five things YOU really love to do. When you go to places that interest you, you'll already have things to talk about, and you will in turn naturally bond with people.

3. Be More Open To New Experiences

Positive people are open to new experiences. Instead of expecting to meet someone when you go out (and getting totally disappointed if you don't), be open to what the day or night might present to you. Being open means talking to everyone with which you come into contact, and not only being friendly to someone you find attractive. Just because you are not attracted to the person you're talking to doesn't mean you shouldn't be open and friendly. Remember that every connection you make with someone leads to another, and you never know what (or who) that next connection might bring into your life.

4. Make A Point To Actually Have FUN

A big part of being attractive to the opposite sex is being approachable. So when you go out, don't just "show up." Embrace the moment and approach everything with a child-like enthusiasm. Smile, talk to people, ask questions and enjoy yourself! During a recent coaching weekend with several male clients, instead of just "taking them out to meet women", I took them to the beach and had them build sand castles. Why? To teach them how to have fun again and lighten up. If you're serious when you try to meet someone, then you're not having fun. And that is NOT attractive.

5. Embrace The Law Of Attraction (And Smile)

It's called attraction for a reason. If you're angry, you are going to attract angry people and you will spend your day in constant confrontations. If you walk around having fun, casual conversations and enjoying every step of the journey—even if you're just running an errand to the market—you are going to attract great people into your life! People are attracted to happy people. No one wants to hang out with a person who is pouting, folding their arms and looking miserable. That's why it's so important for you to create a positive lifestyle.

Creating a positive lifestyle is all about learning to genuinely enjoy your life every single day. Do things that you love and enjoy them. Embrace every single moment. By doing these things, you will naturally become more attractive (and memorable).

So why continue to chase after people you want to meet when you can start attracting them? Create an amazing, positive lifestyle, be passionate about the things you do and you WILL start attracting the opposite sex.

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