How To Make Your Man Your Love Slave


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A little confidence can go a long way.

What if your man became your love slave? How would that make you feel?

Before I tell you how to make your man your love slave, I must confess that I am not formally trained as a relationship coach. Rather, my expertise is permanent weight loss. I feel inspired by my clients. Over and over again, their relationships — along with their bodies — transform right before their eyes. But why?

The reason people struggle endlessly with food and weight is not because of their diet and exercise programs. Sure, being overweight is caused by overeating and lack of exercise, but that's only 10% of the problem. Ninety percent of the problem is mindset.

In order to achieve a "weight loss mindset" (which leads to permanent weight loss), my clients must first build a healthy relationship with the most important person in their lives: themselves!

So, for example, how did my inspiring client Katie make her husband her love slave? Did she tell him to start treating her differently? Did she read relationship books and follow their rules? Did she go to marriage counseling or hire a relationship coach? No, she did none of the above.

Katie hired me to mentor her to achieve permanent weight loss and, in doing so, she used my Inner Self Tools to create the most wonderful relationship she's ever had in her entire life — with herself.

Now, Katie shines. Her children ask her if she's gotten taller, which is an indication of her energy transformation and her high level of self-confidence. Her husband does all sorts of things for her that he didn't do before, without her asking him to. Keep reading ...

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