Want A More Intense, Intimate & Fulfilling Sex Life?

Want A More Intense, Intimate & Fulfilling Sex Life?

Want A More Intense, Intimate & Fulfilling Sex Life?

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Here are five hot reasons why women (and men!) need to read erotic romantic literature!

Have you ever heard of 'bibliotherapy?' I've been a practitioner for years, but I never heard this fancy word until recently.

Bibliotherapy is an academic term used to describe the amazingly beneficial (and very delightful!) mind/body reactions that occur from reading erotic romantic literature. In fact, sex therapists are advising their female patients to get busy and start reading erotic romance! Yay! Erotic Literature: Our 5 Favorites

Pamela Madsen wrote a terrific post about bibliotherapy at her blog, The Fertility Advocate. She sites a scientific study that says 30-45 minutes of reading erotic literature causes a chemical reaction in the female brain, resulting in increased arousal.


I LOVE reading romantic erotica for the pure and simple joy it provides me—and because it works fast and is reliable! Women are turned on by "emotional stimulation." Men are aroused by what they see, women by what they feel. The right stuff will get you so worked up you'll need to keep a high powered fan handy!

Below are five hot reasons why women (and men!) should read erotic romantic literature:

1. Bring your sexy back, now! Reading sensational romantic erotica engages the entire body, mind and soul. It puts sex front and center! You'll soon forget your role of mother, wife, employer, or employee and shift into your sexy, juicy, adventurous self. 7 Ways To Give Yourself Some Extra Love

Reading a satisfying love scene stirs a woman's emotions, which are directly linked to her libido; so grab yourself an aphrodisiac 'erotic story', a cocktail and enjoy some sensational emotional foreplay!

2. Heighten sexual pleasure with fantasy! Of course, you're not going to engage in a three or four or five-way or have sex in a public place (or are you?). However, reading about such outrageous behavior is a terrific way to stir up all sorts of newfound naughtiness in the bedroom!

Exploring fantasies vicariously will elevate your pleasure and your partner's, too. Use these stories to create or expand a zone of permission, fun and lightness while learning to share and experience sensuality and pleasure on a deeper, more primal level. Sex Video: How To Tell Your Partner About Your Sexual Fantasies

3. I didn't know that! My favorite authors have done their homework. These smart gals provide wonderful insights to healthy sexual communication between partners. They also know how the female lizard brain works and have no problem taking us there.

If you're wondering what might make you happy and really, really satisfied, there's nothing like an erotic romantic story to give you some delicious new ideas you'll want to try at home...right away!

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