7 Hot Sex Stories About Women Having Lesbian Sex For The First Time

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Nothing compares to your first.

While many of us may enjoy erotica, not all of us enjoy our porn served up in graphic videos.

Then, sometimes we'd rather visualize the characters using our own vivid imagination — in the same way that you do when you read a novel for the first time. 

If that's you then you're probably far more into sex stories or erotic stories rather than porn, at least some of the time. And, if that's the case we've rounded up 7 crazy-sensual sex stories about women who've embarked on their lesbian experience for the first time from one of our favorite erotic stories websites — Literotica

Yes, lesbian erotica! Because it's not secret that even straight women really dig lesbian porn in comparison to the many other genres available. 

"Ebony Seduction" lesbian sex story
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That night, as I laid in bed, my mind kept going back to Keisha's picture. I had to finger myself twice just to be able to slip into a fitful slumber. Two large cups of coffee and a long shower helped me wake up the next day. I decided to skip the gym and took a little longer to put on my face. I didn't really know why either. It's not like Keisha would take one look at me and jump my bones right there in my office. Hell, I didn't even know if she liked women. Interoffice romances were kind of frowned upon but not forbidden as long as it didn't impede work but, being in law, I knew inside and out the ramifications of workplace sexual harassment and didn't want to go anywhere near there. I was a big girl. I could control myself. So, into the office I went.

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"The Lovely Kat" lesbian sex story
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It takes a full minute for the horny haze in my brain to clear. I realize slowly that maybe she's trying to seduce me as much as I'm trying to seduce her. Even if only a hint of that were true, I recognize the significance of this second. This. Now. My one chance to be with Kat. I decide to bet it all on this one moment. 

I turn my head to look at her fully. She is staring intently at me, eyes hooded, mouth ever so slightly open; and I notice she is barely breathing. I shift in my seat to mirror her position, subtly bringing my face closer to hers. 

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"Back When We Were Young" lesbian sex story
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Kristy took my hand after we finished our first glasses of wine and led me to her basement, where her big screen TV was set up for a marathon. As soon as we plopped down, bottle of wine in between us, she pressed the button on the remote and our show came on.

The opening theme for Avatar the Last Airbender came on and I laughed, "I can't believe you have these on DVD! I haven't watched this in years!"

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"Touch of a Woman" lesbian sex story
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You once again grabbed my hand and guided me over the bed, this time I complied. You unhooked my bra and threw it to the other side of the room. I was no longer bothered about being on show, I just wanted you. You pushed me down onto your bed, pinning my wrists to my sides. You sucked my hard nipples, teasing them with your tongue, softly biting them. I could feel my pussy covered in my juices, screaming for your attention. My wrists tried to escape your grip. I wanted you, I wanted to touch you, but instead you just shook your head and went back to playing with my nipples.

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"A Wife and Her Lovers" lesbian sex story
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The next thing I knew she threw the covers off. I watched her slowly start to stroke her finger between her legs and heard her sigh. I watched, transfixed, as her other hand kneaded her breasts and pinched her nipples. She began writhing and moaning, her eyes closed, her hand rubbing faster and faster. 

I couldn't stop watching. I had never seen anybody masturbate before. 

Then she came. She gasped, raised her hips off the bed, and shuddered.

Damn, I thought, and finished my drink.

Cherrie looked over at me, licked the juices off her finger, and smiled. "Enjoy the show?"

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"More Than Friends Now" lesbian sex story

Holly moved closer to her and placed her lips lightly on Heather's. She lingered there, and Heather put her hands low on Holly's back. Holly opened her lips a little and pressed them against Heather's once more. This time Heather responded, parting her own lips and allowing Holly's tongue to enter her mouth. Their tongues pressed against each other, as Heather pulled Holly close, their breasts touching, and Heather played with the clasp on Holly's bra until it was open. 

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"Satin and Gold" lesbian sex story
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We kissed again, I ran my fingertip over her naked back, up and down, memorizing every inch of it. Tugging at pieces of gold that fell from her head, taking in the amazing softness of her. I ran my fingers over her stomach, and cupped one of her perfect tits. It made me crazy. I wanted to experience more. I took that beautiful taut nipple into my mouth, cupped the breast and tasted the essence of it. I licked it, I sucked it, every inch, every curve. I switched to the other, not to miss one thing I could taste on her. That just made me want her more.

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