7 Vagina Tattoos You Were NOT Expecting (But Are Going To LOVE)

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vagina tattoos

Madonna's not the only one sharing photos of tattoos in delicate places!

Madonna may no longer technically be a pop princess, but she is pop music royalty. 

When she does something, it kicks off a major trend. And it's usually pretty shocking. 

For instance, when she shares a photo of a vagina tattoo on Instagram (a Nike swoosh, as if to say "just do it") to get people psyched about taking down Trump.

Technically it wasn't on a VAGINA, but rather a vulva (which are the external parts of a woman's genitals), but you catch my drift. 


It's cool if you need a couple of minutes to compose yourself after seeing that tattoo. 

I'd be lying if I didn't say that I definitely clutched my imaginary pearls in shock whilst yelling "well I do declare!" when I saw that image, so I know where your head is right now. 

Madonna has yet to confirm to that vagina tattoo (or is it pubic hair?) in question is on her own vulva, but would you put it past her to get a tattoo on her vagina? Let's be real here. 

I was about to say something about how I can't imagine anyone would ever get a vagina tattoo because it would be SO painful, but then I remembered that I, like so many other women, pay a professional to rip the hair out from the area around my vagina once a month for mere aesthetics. 

I mean, come on, a vagina tattoo can't feel that much worse, right? 

After seeing Madonna's own (alleged) vagina tattoo, I went on a little internet adventure scoping out what other pubic tattoos were out there.

I'll be real, some of them were a hot mess. 

They did not make my cut, but if for laughs you ever feel like seeing a vulva turned into Homer Simpson's mouth, you're only a Google search away! 


I can only hope that is a temporary tattoo or photoshop or something like that. 


Here are 7 of my favorite vagina tattoos, to give you lots of tattoo ideas.

And some of these pubic tattoos are so pretty, they've actually got me thinking about going under the needle


The vagina tattoo that is also an artful pun.
Photo: Tumblr 

There were A LOT of "pussy" tattoos out there when I started researching, but this one really popped out. It's sweet, simple, and totally unique.

Plus it's a cat on your vagina.


Beautiful tattoo art on your vulva.
Photo: Tumblr 

This vagina tattoo is perfect if you are trying to get someone who really loves art to also love performing cunnilingus on you.

Captivate them with this stunner and you're BOTH in for a treat. 

The vaginal tattoo power play.
Photo: Tumblr 

There are pussy tattoos and then there are PUSSY tattoos. This woman wasn't content to put a housecat on her vagina, she went for a wild cat, and it's pure perfection. 

A pubic tattoo that shows what's important to you (for better or worse).
Photo: Tumblr 

When you have a vagina tattoo like this one, it's pretty clear where you stand regarding stuff like, you know, gun control. 

A vulva tattoo that offers fair warning.
Photo: Tumblr 

If you want to keep people AWAY from your vagina nothing sends that message quite as well as having it surrounded by a tattoo of a sharp-toothed 'gator. 

The TRUE artistic masterpiece across your pubic region.
Photo: Tumblr 

This phoenix is proof that going big can pay off in a major way. This bird is a colorful masterpiece. 

A pubic tattoo that proves geeks can get vagina tattoos, too!
Photo: Tumblr 

The next time this chick is accused of not "really" being into video games she's got the ultimate proof

Right there in her pants. Take that, GamerGaters. 


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