23 Valentine’s Memes For Singles — From Crazy Happy To Bitter AF

Single On Valentine’s Day Memes

Where are you on the scale?

Valentine's Day is the day for couples to recognize how much they love each other, and for singles to evaluate how they feel on their own.

So, fellow singles, let's make a scale of bitterness from 1-23. One being crazy happy, 23 being ready to tear apart every decorative heart in sight.

Where are you on the scale? I think I'm a solid 6, personally.

Well, no matter where you fall on the "single scale," these Valentine's Day memes are guaranteed to express your feelings perfectly for you. So copy and share and try your best to enjoy the day.


1. 150% single by choice


2. Too in love with who you have in your life to handle more


3. Totally understanding why you're single


4. Full awareness that if you add someone else into this equation, they'll screw up the delicate balance that is your life


5. Feeling yourself


6. Too focused on yourself to include someone else


7. You have a different definition of fun, but fun nonetheless


8. Chill


9. Your singleness confuses you too


10. Busy


11. Totally above it all

12. You know the bullshit too well to want any part of it

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13. You make a good point


14. Disappointing yourself


15. Trying and failing


16. The cosmos are probably against you


17. Desperate


18. Annoyed with how little love you got


19. Trying to drown the sorrow away


20. Maybe slightly overcompensating?


21. You are an extra salty Pringle


22. You are sodium.


23. You are not playing this game

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