Man Spends 6 Years Injecting Silicone Into His Penis ... And Wow

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Man Spends 6 Years Injecting Silicone Into His Penis
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Everyone needs a purpose in life. For some, it's giving back to the community; for others, it's creating art that will live on forever.

But for one man named Mark, his purpose in life seems to be to create an actual monster in his pants. For at least six years, he's injected silicone into his penis. The penis doesn't have a name, but Mark does affectionately call his member The Blob.

The balls (as shown in the video) resemble a large brown bread bowl, and the penis looks like something other-worldly. However, this extra large helping of penis is no longer able to have penetrative or oral sex

Urinating is also problematic as the guy can't pee standing up, and peeing sitting down has its own challenges for Mark, who often finds his penis getting baptized in the toilet water. He doesn't mention the solution — perhaps he pees in a half squat.

Although Mark isn't able to have every kind of sex, it doesn't get him down.

"The pleasure and the adventure and the experience that I've gotten from this is way, way, way better than the whatever 15 minutes of pleasure I would get being able to penetrate once in a while."

Here's the very NSFW video. Remember, you can never unsee it, so proceed with caution:


I don't think I'm going to be able to have soup in a bread bowl for the rest of my life.

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