8 Hot-As-F*ck Texts From My Real-Life Dominant (I'm The Submissive)

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I have a real-life Christian Grey and damn, he's diiiiirty.

With the introduction of Christian Grey, the concept of Dominant/Submissive (or D/S) relationships was introduced to a whole new audience. Women (and men) everywhere realized, "Hey, it would be really hot to be bossed around." 

After months of research and learning about healthy, well-structured D/S relationships, I happened upon a gentleman who was interested in taking on and training a submissive of his own.

After some serious negotiations in regards to what was and wasn't allowed on both sides, we began to assume our roles as Dominant and Submissive through text.

Now, neither of us would ever want to assume these roles with life partners, as they are mentally and emotionally demanding on both parties — but the rewards for each of us in regards to giving up and taking complete control are intoxicating, and in most cases, better than any therapy session I've ever been involved in. 

1. Some days when he knows I'm working from home, he'll give me explicit instructions.

2. His instructions are explicit down to the last detail. 

The satisfaction for him comes from knowing I'm doing as he commands, while the reward for me is to be shoved out of my comfort zone and forced to notice the reactions of my own body.

3. Other times, he'll text me detailed scenarios...

4. They make my knees weak and my pulse quicken every time I read them.

5. One morning I woke up angry (perhaps you're familiar with the feeling), and using keywords, I signaled my desire to role play a rather intense punishment scene. 

In less than 15 minutes I felt as though he'd hit a reset button on my brain and I floated through the remainder of the day. (Keep in mind that he never even touched me.)

6. I willingly let him take control and refer to him as "Sir."

7. His direction, control, and praise are just plain hot as hell. ​​

8. And knowing that I make him hot makes me even hotter.

​​We all have things, and this is one of mine. I love handing over complete control at times and I'm relieved to have a partner whom I can trust to stay within the parameters of control I've set for myself outside of our more formal relationship.

I don't want to marry him. I don't even want to date him. I just want to know that on the days I feel as though I'm falling apart, he'll break me completely and then smash me back together, stronger than I was before.


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