The #1 Way To Stop Sabotaging Yourself And Be Happy TODAY [VIDEO]


Stop getting in the way of your own happiness!

Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, sometimes we can be our own worst enemy.  It's almost as if we have some sort of internal tracker that senses when we're finally close to being happy, and then poof, we destroy it in just one take. We can all agree that one of the worst feelings is when we push ourselves to work hard at something (whether it's in our personal, love or work life) but then end up coming up short. Why is that?

Why do we put so much effort into destroying our own happiness?

Life coach/host Renee Jain, authors Jennifer S. WilkovMary Morrissey, and life coaches Carolyn R. Owens, and Crystal Kulpcavage hit the nail on the head in this video when they mention the ways self-sabotaging behavior is detrimental to our health. Even though it can be really hard at times, we have to make a conscious effort to stop getting in the way of our own happiness—even if we're afraid of change.

Be honest. What does being afraid REALLY do for you?

We have to say that one of the most profound meanings of fear that we've ever heard was THIS: "The main thing that holds us back is that four letter word—Fear. And what does fear really mean? False evidence appearing real." And it makes total sense!

Sometimes, we let our fear of the unknown take control over our lives. But if we were to put everything in perspective, we would see why we can't let that uncertainty stop us from living. Watch this powerful video and see for youself how you can stop your own self-sabotaging behavior in its tracks and practice self love in its place.