Fall Back In Love With Yourself With These 17 POWERFUL Quotes


*Pats self on the back.*

The most important relationship you'll ever have in your life is also the one you're most likely to ignore: yourself. 

Up until this point, I can almost guarantee it's been a rocky rollercoaster ride. Sadly, most of us were taught from an early age to not be selfish and put others first. While this may seem like a noble act, ignoring your own needs and care will only backfire at some point down the road. You'll feel lost, burned out and alone. 

Without the ability to find love within yourself, you end up looking for it in places where you'll never actually be satisfied: drugs, relationships, work, alchohol, etc. 

Self love isn't selfish. And it's time we stop telling ourselves that. If you want to be a better wife, husband, friend, mother, or whatever roles you identify with, then you have to take care of yourself first. If you don't find love in yourself, then you won't be able to give much love to anybody else. 

It could be many things that have brought you to this realization: a breakup, a career change or maybe the light bulb just went off. Either way, you're recognizing that it's time for a change. Time to give yourself the love and attention you deserve — and the kind that only you can give. 

There are many different paths of self love you can take, but I hope these 17 inspirational {{ quotes will help you get there: 


Making time for yourself DOES NOT make you selfish.
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Mimic the way you love other people.
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someone else
Understanding that the only person who controls your time, is you.
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Don't be so hard on yourself.
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Understand that you have more control than you think.
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But don't worry about the stuff that you can't control.
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Don't use your relationship as an excuse.
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Stop chasing the approval of others.
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Learn to love every part of yourself.
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Stay true to yourself.
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Don't negatively compare yourself to others.
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Remember that you're also cultivating your own uniqueness.
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Stop waiting for someone to fix you.
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Keep in mind that consistency is key.
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Stop seeing your circumstances as permanent.
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Don't let anyone else control your happiness.
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And remember that who you are is beautiful.
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