12 Celebrities Whose Naked Pics Were Hacked


More celebs have been targeted by hackers than you think.

Today's probably not a great day to be a Hollywood manager, especially if you're a pretty actress. Over Labor Day weekend, one or more hackers released stolen private photos of several A-list Hollywood starlets. As you can imagine, many of these photos were kept private for a reason. There's been talk of legal action, rumors that the FBI is getting involved, angry tweets, sad tweets, and even some silly tweets. Every actress is handling it in her own way. Fans across the internet have debated whether or not it's okay to even look at these pictures (no, it's not, they're stolen, get over it). Unfortunately, this is nothing new. Whether it's hackers, a jealous ex, or just some random creep who got their hands on them, nude photos that celebs hoped to keep private usually seem to find their way to the public. Here's a who's who of hacked celebs.

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