Quiz Time! Who Was Your Boyfriend In Your Past Life?


Let's get vintage.

Have you ever wondered whom you loved in a past life? Who was it that wooed you once upon a time? Who made you knees weak? Perhaps it was a Clark Gable type. Or maybe, if you were lucky, a certain rebel without a cause. Well, we wondered that too, so we have here a quiz to determine just who you used to get down with, scientific-like.


Okay, so maybe it's not so much scientific as plain old fun. But that still works! There's nothing like a look to the past to refresh you for the future. Go out into the world and look for that perfect vintage man. Someone who will hold open a door and treat you like the lady you are. Someone you can adore and treat with mutual respect. Who does'’t love that? Um, no one, that's who. And really, everyone loves a good quiz in addition to being treated like a quality man or woman. That is what we all strive for; to be treated like the very best version of ourselves.

So, who did you get? Let us know in the comments! And make sure to share with your friends, to see who they got!


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