25 Insane Places People Had Sex


Crazy sex in crazy places!

Do you ever fantasize about getting it on outside the bedroom? Ever want to just grab your man, take him to the nearest low-key place and rip his clothes off? Sex in a new location is always a little hotter. So it's time to turn up the heat!

If you're looking to experiment with wild and — dare we say? — risky sex, but do not even know where to begin, we have plenty of suggestions (25 to be exact) for you and your partner to try out! And these suggestions aren't totally random either.

We at YourTango actually recently conducted a sponsored survey of 1,300 of our fabulous fans on — you guessed it — the most unusual places they have ever had sex. The results may surprise you! (Or not).

Either way, our readers did not hold back, and we have compiled their craziest romp locations into this beautiful slideshow for you to click through.

Cue the excitement! From a parking garage to — gasp! — a hospital and pretty much everything in between, these are the 25 most INSANE places people had sex.

Let us know which locations you would test out. Or, even better, let us know which ones you have already tested out before!

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