See 'The Bachelor' Runner Up Clare Crawley's Sexiest Photos!

'The Bachelor' Final Rose runner up Clare Crawley
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Juan Pablo Galavis is missing out! See 'Bachelor' runner up Clare Crawley's sexiest shots here!

Clare Crawley didn't win The Bachelor, and after Juan Pablo Galavis sees these photos, we think he may kick himself for it!

The Venezuelan soccer veteran picked Nikki Ferrell over Crawley for the Final Rose, and now not only will he be missing out on a sweetheart with a sweet bod, but he'll also need someone new to cut his hair. (And hopefully to get rid of those stupid frosted tips, too.)

Here's hoping Crawley's not too bummed about her loss. Hey, it's not like the winner actually got a ring! And with a prize package like Galavis, well, we think Crawley may be the real victor here. Check out her sexiest Instagram snaps and see why she made it to the Final Rose Ceremony ... even if she had a fake baby bump in the premiere!

Now that she sees how douchey Juan Pablo Galavis can be, we don't blame Clare Crawley for jumping for joy that she didn't nab the Final Rose

Clare Crawley

It takes amazing balance, flexibility and strength to do this Wonder where else those skills come in handy?!

Clare Crawley

On a paddleboard, obviously.

Clare Crawley

With a body like that, you wonder why Clare Crawley doesn't show it off more often! Also, dude How cute is that pooch?

Clare Crawley

Clare Crawley is super hot! She didn't need to be so thirsty for Juan Pablo Galavis

Clare Crawley



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