Who Is Nikki Ferrell? 5 Facts About This 'Bachelor' Beauty!

Nikki Ferrell From 'The Bachelor'

Nikki Ferrell is one of the last ladies to vie for Juan Pablo's heart. Get to know more about her!

Spoiler alert! Rumor around the interwebs say that Nikki Ferrell is one of the lucky two ladies to advance to the final rose ceremony on The Bachelor.

Who's the other? We hear it's Clare — and Andi voluntarily gives up on finding love with JuanPab and heads home tonight. Before saying buh-bye to the possible future Bachelorette, get to better know the blonde beauty whom Juan Pablo Galavis couldn't bear to see go!

Nikki Ferrell is a model. Big surprise!
The 26-year-old beauty poses for photographers and designers, showing off her super slim 5'8", 110-pound frame. She's even modeled wedding gowns! Maybe that's what inspired her to audition for The Bachelor.

She's also great with kids.
Ferrell works as a pediatric nurse in her hometown of Kansas City, Missouri. Maybe that's why Juan Pablo thought she'd be a great match — she can handle his daughter! She's gushed, "My greatest achievement would be my nursing degree and my dream job that followed. I worked so hard to get where I am now, and I wouldn't imagine doing anything else."

Ferrell isn't a neat freak, but she doesn't live in a pigsty, either.
"I'd say I'm pretty messy," she confessed. "Not dirty though — there's a difference. Messy people leave clothes on their bedroom floor ... dirty people leave pizza boxes."

Much like Juan Pablo Galavis, Ferrell doesn't have the best moves.
At least not without some liquid courage. When asked her favorite type of dancing, Ferrell sheepishly replied, "Is drunk dancing a type?" Yes. Yes, it is, Nikki. 

She has a bit of a bad girl side.
Ferrell boasts four tattoos! Based on the odds of a Bachelor romance lasting, here's hoping she doesn't add JP 4EVA to her collection of body art. Lasers hurt!

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