We Love Shutterbugs! 20 Funniest Family Selfies


We're declaring family selfies the new family portrait.

Felfies are fast replacing the solo selfie, and for good reason. Felfies, or family-selfies, are sweet, touching and oh so cute. Here are 20 of the felfies we love from all over the interwebs. Enjoy!



Duck face: uniting generations
Tis the season to take selfies!
I feel like they're super excited to see us…maybe a little too much so
Oh Grandma…why?
Okay, this is just precious!
Looks like they have some canine interference here But who cares with a baby that cute?
That's some hat, little man
Ooh, somebody looks confused
The guy third from the left is my new imaginary boyfriend
Too cute
That little girl is throwing some serious shade
Road trip!
Mama…babies…chubby-baby-arms I'm so happy!
Awe, look at the wee one!
A refreshing reprieve from duck face
Wait, stop the bus Is that family taking a selfie with the pope? A papal felfie!
Uh oh! Someone's got a frowny face!
Okay, we have ourselves a winner! Everybody else can go home



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