9 Supremely Awkward Animals Trying To Pick You Up

Love: 9 Supremely Awkward Animals Trying To Pick You Up

It gets pretty ugly.

(Warning: this post is giraffe-heavy. They are just so wonderfully awkward!). Sometimes, the pickup scene can get weird. And it's made all the more painful when the guys and girls trying to pick you up are supremely awkward animals. As much as we love them, let's face facts; they have no game!

"I just want to love you!"
"Hey girl!"
"What? Stoned? No I’m not-hey, let's you and me get some burritos "
"Practicing for you, baby"
"Bath time?"
"Draw me like one of your French girls"
"Naw baby, I'm not trying to look up your skirt"
I'll do just about anything you want for a little treat…if you know what I mean
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