14 Super Strange Places To Have Sex


14 Super Strange Places To Have Sex
Where have you gotten lucky?

Thanks to a handful of state and federal laws (as well as general rules of etiquette), having sex outside the comfort of one's home is always a bit risky — and inherently thrilling.

YourTango & Durex recently surveyed a thousand people all about sex, asking questions such as: Do you tell your partner what you want in bed? How often do you have sex? And, what are the ingredients for great sex? (The answers may surprise you — check out the complete survey results here.) We also asked readers to tell us the craziest place they'd ever had sex.


What follows is a list of the unique and unexpected locations where YourTango readers have gotten lucky. Read on and get inspired to find your own naughty nook, cranny or appliance on which to get busy.


1. Corn Field. A few survey-takers shared that their local cornfield is the zaniest place they've ever had sex. Apparently these readers have never seen those Children of The Corn movies. Corny — maybe ... freaky — definitely.

Crazy Places To Have Sex


2. Cemeteries. Several readers revealed that they've gotten it on amid the dead. One even atop a Native American burial ground. Knocking boots on final resting places is certainly unusual — and also an excellent idea for those looking to bring home a curse along with their climax.

Crazy Places To Have Sex


3. The City Dump. One very adventurous reader confessed to having done the deed at where else but the local dump. Let's hope both parties had their tetanus shots going into this rendezvous. One might call this trashy, but hey, we think it would be a shame to put all that sexual energy to waste.

Crazy Places To Have Sex


4. Jungle Gym. A few readers listed the jungle gym or swing set as the craziest place they've gotten laid. One specified that it took place at his/her old elementary school. And no, we're not kidding. 

Crazy Places To Have Sex

5. In the car ... while driving. Talk about sex drive ... a few readers admitted to having "kicked it" while in the car. And not just road head but full-on intercourse. For legal reasons we have to say we do not at all endorse trying this at home or elsewhere — although doing this at home with your car safely parked in your garage could be the only good time to even think about trying this one.

Crazy Places To Have Sex


6. Outhouse. We thought it was a load of crap but really, one reader admitted to doing the deed in a latrine. All we can say is this gives dirty talk a whole new meaning.

Crazy Places To Have Sex


7. Telephone booth. The ultimate booty call! And, good for these folks because what else are people using telephone booths for these days?

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