Sex Advice: 10 Things To Never (EVER!) Do In Bed


what not to do in bed
Find out what's really turning guys off in the bedroom.

Odds are you've experienced your share of bedroom blunders, and for those of you shaking your head right now, stop lying. Fact is, whether you fancy yourself a sexpert, or just want to take a stroll down the often hilarious "can't believe I did that" lane, everyone can benefit from our 10 things to never (ever!) do during sex list.

We even surveyed some guys to weigh in on the biggest fornication fails. (Spoiler alert! Sometimes they actually want to hear what you have to say.)


So without further adieu, our top 10 hit list: read, enjoy and maybe even learn something!

1. Cry
I don't care if this is the most moving sex ever (also, it probably isn't) — it's not okay to cry during sex. You feel weird, he feels weird. And just, why? Don't do it. Case in point: "Once my girlfriend started crying during sex, and I was so thrown I just kept going, which ultimately made me feel … kinda wrong."

2. Bring Up Babies
Saying "we'd make the cutest babies" or "I could totally have kids with you" during sex is a huge don't. This actually happened to a girlfriend of mine (notice, I said girlfriend — the dude actually said the latter!) and she was so freaked out by it, she lost her "girl boner" and never called that guy again.

3. Peer Pressure The Penis
This includes, but is not limited to, scratching, biting, or getting hostile with his man parts in any way. "Aside from biting during a blow job, the worst, repeat WORST thing you can do to a guy is get emotional when things aren't 'working' right away — as soon as things become too mental, it's over."

4. Lack Interest
Not enjoying it? He can tell. Several guys said women who lack enthusiasm during sex was a major turn off. One guy said it's especially bad when she's on top and clearly not having a good time.

5. Speak In A Foreign Language That You Aren't Fluent In
"One girl thought it was sexy to speak Spanish to me in the bedroom ... except, she didn't know what she was saying and started making up words."

6. Show That You're Tired
Talk about a buzz kill. Showing you're sleepy shows him you're not focused and uninteresed — both of which can ruin the moment. One guy said there is nothing worse than seeing your partner yawn while getting it on. 

7. Talk Too Much
"Obviously dirty talk is okay, but when a girl just starts striking up random conversation in the middle of it … it's a mood killer." Save the chatting for cuddle time. Keep Reading ...

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