10 Movies To Get You In The Mood

10 Movies To Get You In The Mood

10 Movies To Get You In The Mood

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From a sports flick to a Hollywood classic, we found the sexiest movies of all time.

Looking to introduce a little sizzle to your Saturday night? Or Sunday, or Monday, or … you get the picture. Movie night doesn’t always have to be a PG-rated affair, if you catch our drift. Some movies were just made to encourage a little real-life lovin.’ Need a few examples? Allow us to suggest 10 films that are guaranteed to ignite the passion between you and your S.O. Let's put it this way: you probably won’t find out how these movies end.

Match Point

The sexual tension between the ever-sultry Scarlett Johansson and heartthrob Jonathan Rhys Meyers (those lips ... those eyes) is enough to make you and your partner throw in the towel after 15 minutes. Woody Allen definitely got it right casting these two as a struggling American actress and a tennis pro whose fire is too hot to handle.


If you haven't had a chance to take in the onscreen chemistry between the gorgeous Diane Lane and Olivier Martinez (yep, that hottie who's dating Halle Berry), you must! The sweat-drenched sex scenes shared by these two — in addition to their tantalizing, fully clothed flirt sessions — are bound to leave both you and your partner breathless.


Into the Fifty Shades of Grey thing? This 2002 tale of a dominant man and his submissive secretary was a precursor to that phenomenon — and is just as (if not more) salacious. The smugly sexy James Spader takes on a young, seemingly innocent Maggie Gyllenhaal in a film that strikes just the right balance of lust and levity.

Y Tu Mama Tambien

This Mexican road-trip drama is so sexy, the powers that be had a difficult time assigning a rating to it (it was eventually released in the U.S. without one)! Add two smokin' hot actors into the mix (Gael Garcia Bernal is one) and one sizzling lead actress, and you practically have a recipe for sex. Oh, and it was an Oscar nominee to boot..

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