How To Flirt With Your Man Without Saying A Word


Dirty talk doesn't always have to be on the menu for you to turn him on.

You're not opposed to engaging in some serious foreplay by any means. But coming right out and just telling your man that you want him sometimes makes you feel a little uneasy — Not to mention out of your element

Whenever you try pulling off a sexy come-hither stare, it always ends up looking as if you've got something in your eye. If you feel awkward when you flirt, you're not alone.

What people don't realize is that flirting doesn't necessarily have to involve speaking. In fact, psychotherapist, author, and host of The Sex Talks Series Moushumi Ghose stresses that you can flirt just by your movements. Dirty talk doesn't always have to be on the menu for you to get him off.

Body language is just as important as verbal cues.

Here's the perfect place for you to start. Slowing your breathing down is a great way of prolonging foreplay as well as relaxing you and your partner. Another perk is that it'll show your partner that you are incredibly turned on and plan on continuing things further — which is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Use your lips OFTEN.

We're not referring to lingering kisses (although those are more than welcome). Licking your lips is an instant turn on because of the fact that it is visually stimulating to your partner. Raising your eyebrow also achieves the same effect.

Although flirting without uttering a single word sounds daunting, it really is quite simple. Instead of rushing to fill the silence, let your body take the lead for a change. Pay attention to Moushumi's tips and you'll develop a whole new way to communicate with your lover.

But there is one more foolproof (not to mention sexy) way to flirt without using any words. If you want to learn what that is, you'll have to hit that play button to find out.

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