7 Fun Sex Positions To Try Tonight


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Looking for some new ways to get busy in the bedroom? Try the Lotus or the Trapeze!

You're not sure what happened, but your sex life just isn't what it used to be.

The two of you used to have so much fun in bed together. When you first started dating, you couldn't keep your hands off each other all night long. But lately, you barely have the energy to get past 10pm. You're stuck in an every night routine of froyo and Letterman in bed; meanwhile, he's snoring … loudly. Not very sexy.

But you like sex and, of course, you adore the guy you used to like having sex with. So what's the problem?

Shouldn't sex be steamy and spontaneous like it is in the movies? Well, not always. The hard truth is, sex can get — dare we say it — boring after a while, especially when you're in a long-term relationship in which you may have gotten a little too comfortable with your significant other. That's OK, we've all been guilty of falling back our easy, reliable sex positions (cough, missionary, cough), because we're just too tired at the end of the day.

What you both need is some new ideas! So instead, get your grind on with these seven fun, exciting sex positions (and be reminded of the sexy chemistry that first brought you two together).

The Magic Mountain
You knew you bought all those decorative throw pillows for a reason! So put them to good use by stacking them against the headboard of your bed into a makeshift mountain. Bend over the pillows and have your man embrace you from behind, molding his body to the natural curve of your body, so that both of you are facing the headboard. You'll love the silky smooth feel of pillows beneath you just as much as he'll love the feel of your silky, smooth skin beneath him. Let's see him roll his eyes at your decorative pillow collection now!

The Lotus
Just because you're looking for something fun and fresh, doesn't mean you have to give up romance. Have him sit cross-legged and kneel down so that your legs are wrapped around his waist. You'll love the face-to-face intimacy of embracing each other, and he'll love being face-down in the action, so to speak.

The Trapeze
Looking for a special between-the-sheets thrill? The Trapeze will do the trick! Let him sit at the edge of the bed and wrap your legs around his hips, relaxing so that you can bend your body backwards and you're turned upside down. He'll love taking in the view of you and, admit it, you kind of love the idea of lovemaking that (quite literally) turns your world upside down.

The Superwoman
Is doggy-style losing it's adrenaline-inducing appeal? Try this crazy move. Bend over a sturdy surface like the edge of a table and have him hoist you up by the hips so that your legs are stretched out and the bottom half of your body is suspended in mid-air. That's right: the pleasure will make you feel like you're flying. This position positively defies gravity, so you'll both earn superhero status in the bedroom if you can pull this off. Keep reading ...

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