August Is National Romance Awareness Month!

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What's the most romantic thing anybody has done or could ever do for you?

Did you know that August is National Romance Awareness Month? That's right — and we think that means it's time to think about romance in a new way. After all, according to a recent survey by dating site of about 2,300 Americans — both singles and coupled-up folks — 78 percent of us consider romance in a relationship "very important." Interestingly enough, 34 percent of Americans consider summer vacation the most romantic occasion, beating out Valentine's Day (at 24 percent). How timely!

Studies and surveys consistently show that couples who try new activities together enjoy better relationships: a more intense connection, less fighting and spicier sex. So why not let a new adventure be part of the romance you create together? Being romantic doesn't have to be about red roses and fancy dinners all the time, although sometimes that's nice. Let's have this month be about reinventing romance to make it personal for you as a couple.

Read more National Romance Awareness Month stats: Zoosk "Romance Awareness Month" Survey Finds That Couples Enjoy More Romance In Their Lives Than Singles

Sound off in the comments: What's the most romantic thing anybody has done or could ever do for you?



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