10 Tips To Help You Get Over A Breakup Or Divorce


The Breakup Bible
Must-read advice for those going through a breakup or divorce, from The Breakup Bible author.

About four years ago, psychotherapist Rachel Sussman started witnessing love-life chaos from every direction. Her sister's five-year relationship hit the rocks. Some of her closest friends' marriages ended in divorces. She had an influx of clients in her practice dealing with devastating breakups. Sussman got a front-row glimpse into how women handle that horrible road through Splitsville. And when she found out there was no appropriate survival guide for women, she picked up her pen. 

"I had a year to help them heal," Sussman says. "I was able to see who was recovering, who wasn't, and why. There was no book from a female therapist for a female audience [on breakups]. Women heal from breakups very differently than men. There really needed to be a resource just for women." 10 Post-Breakup Decisions You're Sure to Regret


Sussman channels her wisdom into the ultimate breakup-survival tool for ladies, The Breakup Bible: The Smart Woman's Guide to Healing from a Breakup or Divorce. In it, Sussman advises women how to move on from a relationship, understand what happened in the split, get a deeper understanding of themselves, and ultimately, just live well.

"When interviewing for the book, I searched for a certain type of woman," she says. "Not necessarily one who was in another relationship, just one who had gone on to lead a fabulous life."

Which is what we all want, right? Here are a few of Sussman's tips for dealing with a tough breakup or divorce. For more, check out The Breakup Bible.

1. Grin and bear it. What should you do right after a breakup? According to Sussman, you have to understand it might be stormy for a while. "Buy a huge box of tissues," she says. "You're going to go through a rough time, but you need to accept the relationship is over. Settle into the breakup. A healthy woman is sad. That isn't bad." 10 Ways To Get Over A Breakup [PHOTOS]

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