8 Last-Minute St. Patrick's Day Date Ideas

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Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a Guiness, Irish soda bread and U2-fueled date night.

Disaster! St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow, and both of you have forgotten to register for the local pub crawl. Don't curse your luck just yet—we've got a few ideas for creating a St. Patty's themed date night (including gifts) at the last minute:

1. Mix a celebratory drink. This should be a given, unless you don't drink, of course. Make green beer by adding blue food coloring to a light beer (the yellow and blue should combine to make a verdant green). You can also try an Emerald Isle, which is a green martini, or an Irish Cactus, which combines tequila and Irish liquer.

2. Create an Irish music playlist for two. This can mean Celtic instrumentals, or it can mean U2, depending on the type of mood you'd like to set. Try the Cranberries, Damien Rice, The Pogues, or Glen Hansard to accompany a quiet night of romance. If a rocking night of downing homemade Irish Car Bombs is more to your liking, try young alternative acts like Two Door Cinema Club. 13 Ways to Enjoy An Awesome Date Night At Home

3. Have a picnic. Bake a loaf of traditional Irish soda bread and pack it with a batch or corned beef and cabbage. Set your blanket under a tree and look for four-leafed clovers together.

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