First Date Fashion: What Your Shoes Say About You


woman's legs and shoes
Little did you know, the shoes you choose to wear send out certain signals about you.

Whether your favourite pair of shoes is a sexy stiletto or sporty sneakers; your shoes speak volumes about your personality. Girls love to buy new shoes for a hot date, but many are unaware of the importance of shoes in sending out messages about themselves. All shoes convey some sort of message about our personalities and tendencies. When women are going on a first date they often pay far more attention to what designer clothing they are going to wear whithout realising what huge difference a well selected pair of shoes can make. The stats show that the average woman has approximately 25 pairs, and each can send a different signal.

Flat Shoes


The typical person who wears a flat shoe, usually does not like to dress to attract attention and they think practically. Wearing flip flops day in and day out would demonstrate that you are a very laid back person who does not really care about what others think.

Ballet Shoes

Ballet shoes scream feminity! The great thing about these is they can be worn in all environments, dressed up or dressed down depending on your outfit. They can fit in your hand bag and are great to take out with you on nights out to swap for your heels when you can no longer feel your feet! Ballet shoes demonstrate you a practical person, girly, but you want comfort.

High Heels

A woman in high heels says you see yourself as sophisticated and sexy. You ooze with confidence to be able to walk around in 9 inch heels so freely. Stilettos imply a woman is walking with a purpose, she wants to achieve something! Stilettos give women uber-feminine confidence, the shoes make them feel sexy, and make their legs looks as if they are going on forever.

Colors and Patterns

Color also plays a big part, bright colors such as red and crazy designs like leopard print portray the image that you are wild and ready to party. Leopard in particular screams you are a girl who wants to have fun. Bright colors indicate confidence, and a sexy, extrovert women who enjoys being centre of attention. Her shoes convey uniqueness. This sort of girl is a modern thinker, who is not afraid to embrace a very fashion forward heel stiletto.

Black Shoes

On the contrary a women who wears a black shoe says she is more conservative, and sophisticated. Possibly a career women who does not want to bring attention to how she looks. She might be quiet and down to earth.

Knee High Boots

In the winter months every women knees a good traditional pair of black knee high boots. These show you are daring, powerful and not afraid to be noticed. They look sexy whether they are flat or high.


Sneakers say you are athletic, down to earth, and not bothered what people think. You could be a fitness fanatic and like to hit the gym or go for runs. You are an outdoorsy character who is not afraid to get dirty.

So when you are selecting shoes for that hot date, take heed of the above tips given above if you want to send the appropriate signals about your personality. Good luck!

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