Will Moving In Together Ruin Your Sex Life?


Couple Moving In Together
Are you in for a blissful coexistence, or a realization that absence makes the heart grow fonder?

It's exciting to move in together but, once you're under the same roof and spending every single night together, will your sex life land in the dumps? Will proximity take the heat out of your relationship and breed boredom? Will illusions be shattered when you've seen each other in your least attractive moments?

It can be difficult to maintain romance when you have an idealized image of your mate and then suddenly discover that they, too, occasionally fart. So how can you keep your sex life hoppin' once you're sharing a bed full-time?


1. Don't stop making an effort. Everyone needs to let their hair down and relax in their own home. But balance is key. Ask your partner what turns him off. While you may not be able to avoid everything your partner requests (such as a pimple eruption or the occasional inadvertent passing of gas), you can accommodate most things. If your man has grown weary at the sight of you in your old comfy flannels, surprise him by wearing sexy lingerie. If you're left cold by the fact that he makes no effort to control his belching in front of you after downing a beer, tell him in a kind way that you'd prefer it if he acted in this instance as he would in front of guests. Your relationship with flourish if you happily compromise rather than taking such requests as an indication of how much your partner does or doesn't love you.

2. Make sex a priority. Because it isn't just about orgasms—it's also about intimacy. When you approach sex as a way to stay connected to your partner physically, emotionally and spiritually, performance anxiety falls away and is replaced by spontaneity and playfulness. And as long as spontaneity is present, sex won't grow stale. Why Married Sex Is The Best

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