10 Simple Things Men Want


10 Simple Things Men Want
It turns out that what men and women want from relationships isn't so different.

It's tempting to assume men only want two things: steak and sex.

Entire days are devoted to perpetuating these kinds of cliches, yet they are humorous for men because we're amused that women assume this false notion is all we want. We're quite complicated creatures, and although probably not as baffling as any space alien from a Candace Bushnell column, men have secret wish lists of emotional needs that you may or may not be meeting.


Yet we are almost simplistic in our desires—so simple, in fact, that few women ever notice the fine line between our usual stoic persona and a deep funk brought on by a lack of reciprocated interest. Tom Miller from YourTango's TomFoolery rattled off one list of basic emotional pleasures: "A good night's sleep; a one-time-only get-out-of-trouble BS pass; an occasional never-again-mentioned bender; and one friend who we like but who you might consider a 'bad influence.'" But even more than that, we want some of the things you want (10 Simple Things Women Want); here are ten examples that you may find are close to your own emotional needs.

1. A moratorium on drama. We give you the occasional free pass to freak out about something that seems rather trivial upon next-day, post-caffeine retrospect. This does not mean a free pass to cause a scene in front of our friends or family.

2. Sexy sex. It's not enough to keep our sex lives consistent—both partners have to keep it consistently sexy. If you're not into it, we can pretend not to notice for a few times, but after that, it'll eat away at us and we won't have the guts to ask you what's wrong. Yet. The best thing you can do isn't porn star-inspired or the over-the-top-"yes, yes, yes"-ing; we'll detect that fakery, too. The trick is that, however you do it, you let us know that you really like doing it to us.

3. Romance. Crazy, right? What guy would scoff at you for bringing him a present, a token of affection once in a while, or cooking him a steak and then instead of telling him what you're going to do to him later, you tell him that he's amazing and sweet. Hell, I'm getting a tear in my eye just writing that. 7 Phrases Men Love To Hear

4. Truth. The reason many guys have control-freak issues is because they have a sixth sense about being lied to. (Another reason they have control freak issues is that they're control freaks; learn to spot these guys in advance and avoid like an Ebola outbreak.) Next time your man says, "Who were you with?" give him the excruciating play-by-play, who was there, what the latest gossip on Cindy's crazy ex-husband, which bars you went to, everything except the bathroom breaks. This way, not only does he feel completely assured, he'll never pester you again about what you did. 

5. Silence. "Some of us aren't as loquacious as our lady friends might like," admits Tom. "Generally it has nothing to do with you and we're not up for talking about it. "

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