Modern-Day Love Letters: 7 Celebrity Authors

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From letters to tweets, 7 celebrity authors who weren’t afraid to put their love into words.

As technology progresses, the manner in which we express love has gradually changed. Gone are the days of handwritten love letters as we venture onto the information superhighway and become restricted to 140 words or less. From emails to texts and IMing, many of us would deem ourselves lucky if we ever receive a post-it note with an "I love you" on it.

In celebration of the ever-evolving love letter, here are a few famous men who will go down in history for declaring their love in writing:

1.  Coach John Robert Wooden: The recent passing of the legendary UCLA basketball coach has brought to light the little known love story of Wooden and his wife, high school sweetheart Nellie Riley. On the 21st of every month, for the past 24 years since his wife's death, Wooden wrote a letter expressing his love to the one and only in his life. His loyalty and dedication to his wife is touching and inspiring, to say the least.

2.  Richard Burton: The actor's letters to Elizabeth Taylor, which are prominently featured in the soon to be released book Furious Love: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and the Marriage of the Century, reveal that his love for her never waned. An example: "If you leave me I shall have to kill myself. There is no life without you." She was the love of his life and one of his last letters to her, written just a few days before his death, questioned whether or not they still had a chance to make it work. Richard Burton's Love Letters to Elizabeth Taylor

3.  Ronald Reagan: Actor, former Governor of California, and the 40th President of the United States, Reagan was also an prolific writer of love letters to his second wife, Nancy. In a letter addressed to her on their 31st Anniversary, he wrote "I more than love you, I'm not whole without you. You are life itself to me. When you are gone I'm waiting for you to return so I can start living again." Romantic odes were penned throughout their marriage, sometimes brief notes, other times long letters, but always full of Reagan's whimsy and love for Nancy.

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