Women, Wear Sexy Underwear… Or Don't


man enjoying woman's thong
When it comes to lingerie, who do you dress for?

As you all know fellas (bros, dudes, men and boys, included) are relatively visual* when it comes to arousal. Girly mags (and lad mags), strip clubs, wet clothing contests and internet pornography are more popular with us because of this. Because of this ocular love-Jones, we appreciate a good-looking pair of panties. Read: Top Tips for Buying Lingerie

I have no way of knowing if your drawers are from La Perla, Fredericks Of Hollywood, American Apparel or K-Mart. Sure we'll probably feel unwittingly skeeved-out and turned-on by the American Apparel knickers, but that's totally beside the point. The point is that while we're far more interested in the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop we appreciate the resplendently-colored candy-coating. (Worst metaphor ever.)


Things like lace, mesh, silk and other stuff that we don't have words for are really nice, even if we'd prefer to see them on the floor, lampshade, ceiling fan blade or neatly folded and tucked into a drawer. However, I assume most guys don't actually get hot and bothered by something that looks like it may double as a doily. We're turned on because we've been led to believe that you feel extra sexy, confident and/ or dangerous when you're decked out in Victoria's most scandalous secret. The effort, on your part, to look sexy, action, cool is appreciated, especially if the a matching set is involved, preferably not held together with tape. Read: New Underwear Trend: The C-String

Somewhere along the way, an older brother (or older brother figure) convinced us that when a lady wears a pair of exotic underwear that she's looking for action. Sometimes, some of us dudes are not so great with body language, innuendo and general romantic semaphore, but we're basically lights-out when we see you're wearing "get up on me" underoos. Read: Lingerie Men Love

Because we get high on visual stimuli and dig it when ladies feel sexy, we heartily endorse the use of lingerie as eyeball aphrodisiac (per Yahoo older women are buying oodles of mention-worthy unmentionables, so... trending).

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