5 Tips For Choosing Lingerie That Men Love

5 Tips For Choosing Lingerie That Men Love

5 Tips For Choosing Lingerie That Men Love

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What men think about your lingerie and tips for choosing sexy styles men love.

Want a guy's opinion on your lingerie drawer, pushup bras, Bridget Jones panties and all? We asked dating blogger Abraham Lloyd for a man's take on our undergarments and how to choose lingerie that men love. Here's his advice:

1. He Says: Keep the colors simple. Black, white, with a hint of color to accentuate curves and shape is hot, elegant, and feeds the mood. Bright or skin-toned colors, are not. We want to see what you're wearing and follow the curves of your body with our eyes. Anything that distracts from this is, well, less than ideal.

We Say: We were skeptical of this skin-toned undie ban…until we pictured our man in beige boxer briefs. Oh. Got it. When in doubt, basic black will always look chic and sexy without trying too hard. 4 Sexy Eco-Friendly Lingerie Picks

2.  He Says: Make sure it fits well, and don't force sizes. It's important that you feel great in your outfit, and it's hard to do that when you're adjusting straps, readjusting a thong, or scratching because your outfit itches. Pulling, picking, and scratching are things we notice from a block away.

We Say: Remember 2001, when we were all wearing thongs despite the nagging feeling that our asses could do waaaay better? Well, they can. Just like fashion trends are not all created equal (hellooo skinny jeans), not every lingerie style will flatter your fab figure, and if it feels uncomfortable, it'll look uncomfortable, too. We learned our lesson the last time we forced a lacy, flimsy bra over our DDs and were ready to burn the damn thing mid-date.

3. He Says: Keep it simple…or complicate it with a plan. Attempting to take off complicated garments that we may not know how to remove can kill a mood quicker than asking "How do I take this off?" Don't assume that we know how to unbuckle, unsnap, untie, or unzip in the right order to get you naked.  Instead, keep it simple, or keep it complicated and take it off yourself (watching a women undress after foreplay is amazing).

We Say: It's not just his mood that gets killed when we have to watch him fumble and tug at all our bells and whistles. Waiting for him to untie some crazy bra-corset concoction for a half-hour doesn't count as foreplay. Give it a test drive in the fitting room to make sure you can lend a helping hand if need be. Lingerie Men Love

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