5 First Date Fashion Tips From A Man


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What men really think about your first date fashion choices.

We asked dating blogger Abraham Lloyd to weigh in with his first date fashion tips for the ladies. Read on to find out his take and ours:

1. Change out of your work clothes.
He Says: "When you're going out on a date, you want to feel good, and that's just hard to do wearing clothes you've carried on your back since 8am.  Go home.  Take a shower.  Get changed, and put on something that expresses who you are instead of something that lets you blend in."


We Say: It's not always feasible to change and shower between work and play. Our go to: bringing along a tote bag with a sexi cami or blouse (sometimes a slinky, non-wrinkle dress if we can manage it), our makeup bag, a sexier pair of heels, and a date night perfume. 4 Sexy Date Night Perfumes

2. Don't go for extremes.
He Says: "Just like too much cleavage is a no-no, too covered up is the same. First impressons matter, and dressing to an extreme, whether you're too sexy or too conservative, is going to skew the impression you want to make.  It also comes off as trying too hard, which can make you seem eager or insecure."

We Say: You know that guy who wears a fedora on a first date, tipped just so, along with shades indoors. He's also usually the guy with atrocious, but carefully styled, facial hair. Don't be that guy. Cleavage or legs, and not so much of either that he feels like he should tip you with singles. 5 Hair, Nail And Makeup Tips From A Guy

3. Express yourself.
He Says: "A strong sense of style demonstrates confidence and doesn’t require an over-the-top statement to do so.  That means that no, you don’t have to compete with Lady Gaga to make a statement.  That does mean, though, that your style, whether you live loudly or not, should be noticeable."

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