4 Sexy Date Night Perfumes

4 Sexy Date Night Perfumes

4 Sexy Date Night Perfumes

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His nose won't know what hit him with these sexy scents.

It's no secret that scent is a powerful weapon when it comes to getting close. So get even closer with our top picks for date night fragrances, from the best perfume to pair with slinky lingerie and a night in, to the first date scent that's effortlessly sexy.

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy

Great for: A night in.


Wear it with: Your favorite lingerie...or nothing at all. Lingerie Men Love

If anyone knows sexy, it's Victoria's Secret. This fragrance is a classic, with a floral, oriental blend of vanilla orchid, clementine, musk and white amber. Invite him over for dinner at your place and set the mood with a few spritzes of Very Sexy behind the ears and anywhere else you want him to get close.

Clinique Happy

Great for: The first date. First Date Dos and Don'ts

Wear it with: Your go-to first date outfit, whether it's a cocktail dress or skinny jeans and v-neck top—this perfume is a chameleon.

The fragrance equivalent of "what, this old thing? Just something I threw on!"—Clinique Happy is light and flirty without being overpowering or too sexy. The perfect accessory for a new guy on your arm, the crisp scent is a multilayered, modern blend of grapefruit, boysenberry bush flower, and Hawaiian wedding flower.  

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